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How much will it cost me to get a heat pump?

It will depend on the product and the installation process for each individual home or office, but as a guide, in many cases we can design, supply and install a heat pump system for under $3,000 +GST.

Will having a heat pump installed be an intrusive process?

Our aim is to install our air conditioning / heat pump units in a quiet, fast and clean manner. We appreciate the inconvenience of having a heating or ventilating system installed and promise to make it as pain-free as possible.

What about maintenance?

At home, it’s important to have your heat pump serviced regularly, we recommend twice a year – spring and autumn. Commercial heat pumps need to be serviced quarterly. By keeping your heat pump in good working order, you can ensure it lasts longer and runs more efficiently.

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How do I know which is the right brand/product for my home or office?

Well, maybe you don’t. But don’t worry because we can help you figure that out. Our friendly team provides a thorough consultation with our clients to make sure they are getting the very best products and services for their individual requirements.

How can I use my heat pump in the most cost effective way?

Set the unit to your desired temperature on either heating (winter) or cooling (summer) mode, so that once the temperature of the room is met, the unit switches off – saving you power. The ideal temperature during waking hours is 20 to 24 degrees Celsius, and 18 to 20 degrees Celsius overnight.

What if my heat pump unit is faulty?

We guarantee all of our workmanship, however in the event there is a fault in the product then it will be covered by the supplier’s five-year warranty system. Once we have determined it is a product fault, we will contact the appropriate supplier and replace the faulty part or in some cases the complete unit.

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